The origins of David&Goliath are in the restoration of old houses. We are full of admiration for the craft of our ancestors, of the quality of architecture and finishing of historic buildings. We are happy to assist in the restoration of listed monuments where wall and floor tiles are our specialty.


David & Goliath specializes in the reproduction of historic wall and floor tiles. When it comes to single pieces, we refer to local restorers. As soon as larger quantities are involved, we look for the appropriate workshop that can reproduce them.

For patterned tiles we work with our cement tile supplier in Vietnam who can reproduce old tiles in an impressively correct manner.

For complementing historic terracotta and brick, we also know of a number of specialized brickmakers.

Reproducing glazed tiles is often more challenging because in the past lead was often used in glazes which gave a typical deep shine. Since lead is no longer permitted today, alternatives must be sought.

Reproducing ceramic tiles is an even more difficult job because today this has become an industrial process so there are very high start-up costs. But also here we usually find an adequate solution.