we love to work for Architects

The team at David & Goliath loves to be challenged by architects. Coupling the creativity of the designer with the product knowledge of David & Goliath has led to surprising results in the past.


David & Goliath now has almost 20 years of experience with handmade tiles. Since 2015, Cubex kitchens have been added to that list.

Everything began with a restoration project of a listed building in which historical wall and floor tiles had to be reproduced. From this a unique in-house collection of cement tiles was created, first with historical motifs, and later also with contemporary designs. The collection of cement tiles in collaboration with artist Benoît van Innis is very popular with architects.

Then glazed tiles, ceramic tiles and terracotta from various specialized workshops also completed the range. We also know the right people for tiles in glazed lava (lave émaillé) and real terrazzo. Over the years, David & Goliath searched all over Europe for craftsmen who excel in a unique specialty, but rarely leave their village. That is the added value of David & Goliath: knowing those people who can materialize architects' ideas.

Founder of David & Goliath is Pieter Ballegeer, a commercial engineer with a passion for craft, architecture and heritage. This guarantees a 360° approach. Everything starts with finding a beautiful product, but equal attention is paid to the technical and economic aspects. The final goal is to put an architect's idea into practice in a sustainable way.