FAQ about ordering samples




How can I order a sample ?

You can order a sample via this webshop. We charge a fixed amount of 5 euro for the sample and 5 euro for delivery within the European Union. You can also buy samples at our showroom in Brussels for 5 euro.  


Are all tiles available as samples ?

We do not always have all of our tiles available as samples in stock, but we try to be as complete as possible. If your preferred tile is not in stock, you can always order a comparable tile to assess colour and finish. 


How many samples can I order ?

You can order as many samples as you like, but the fixed delivery charge per sample always remains the same.  


How much does it cost to order a sample ?

The sample costs 5 euro, the delivery cost per sample is also 5 euro, which is a fixed charge for Europe.


How will the sample be delivered ?

The sample is delivered by post.


How do I pay for a sample? Is a sample binding ?

Payment is via our secure payment module at the site.